A Fine Dine Restaurant for Family: Wonders of World

A nip in the air, blustery night times and outdoor seating, this would be very idyllic scene in the European cities and even in some cities of India. The city of Nagpur is known by famous name Orange City. Nagpur has peered toward its cousins with envy and casual outdoor restaurants to enjoy the evening. People love to have a great evening with their loved ones to spend some time and to make such a lovely evening for them, restaurants are important part.

In the heart of the Nagpur City, every youngsters, family members and even couples like to have a bit of fresh air with lovely food after a workaholic schedule. To have such wonderful movements and spending lovely evening with family, friends and with loved ones, a very amazing restaurant is open on the Amravati road, Nagpur. This Restaurant’s name is Wonders of World where the restaurant has the theme of 7 Wonders. Wonders of World is best suitable for family where a big family or even a small family can enjoy and have some special moments.

Trend Shrend recommended splendid things of Wonders of World Restaurant

  • Awesome Open Space Environment

The Restaurant has a nice open space for those who love to have their food by seating in lawn or garden. Environment is too good like to have fresh air without having any polluted dust.

  • Food

The Food is so Delicious and has a variety of Dishes. The Chicken lovers should go and try the most famous dish of this restaurant is Chicken Mumtaz which is sizzler category dish with full of butter. Not only Chicken for veg lovers also can enjoy the variety dishes of paneer.

  • Kids Gaming Zone

Kids loves to play games and even everyone also loves to play games to have some entertainment. Restaurant also has a gaming section for kids where the kids have their special entertainment and even family can enjoy the gaming zone with their kids.

  • Live DJ

Not only food and gaming section, the restaurant has a full DJ sound system with dance stage platform. Everyone loves to dance in the party or even on special occasion and having office party is also an awesome time to chill out. In the Restaurant can organize a party for office staff and have a chill time. The Restaurant is full of enjoyable place.

Restaurant is little bit far from the city of Nagpur. It’s on the Nagpur-Amravati highway road. It comes near 18 km distance from the Nagpur city. But the distance is not so far to have a good things and for some special things.

Have a great time with friends & family and enjoy the delicious food in the restaurant- Wonders Of World.

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