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About Me

Hey Guys, Thanks for clicking this link and taking time out to read our story . Well well, we never thought of an official website, a blog or Instagram or Youtube, nothing. We were just clicking pictures and maintaining our personal folders in laptops or posting individually on whatever platforms we were enjoying . Eating was a hobby so someone was writing food articles on their profile pages. Someone loved traveling, so travel blog and so on.

But,we would all have one thing in common every time we saw something, like a new article, a new picture, someone mentioning it somewhere that there was always a thing which impulsed us to take the leap to write about or first reach to a place which others were loving to travel or to try .
All that buzz which was created around that thing was impulsing us all every time . So we derived this idea to make a compilation blog of things around us those are trending .So people interested to know about trending in food can also know things about travel where they can try new things to eat and visa-versa .
We are very hopeful about this journey which we have just began and we know all the support that we have already garnered and continued support which we are getting from all around will keep on motivating us to keep reaching new heights and exploring new depths.

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